Al Fajr azan clock - Large Digital Islamic Clock (15" LCD)

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Description of Al Fajr azan clock - Large Digital Islamic Clock (15" LCD)

This Al-Fajar clock model is one which is in great demand. It has earned really good reviews from the clients. It also had full Adhan with eight different voices and languages for Muslims. It also contains the Sunnah dua after the Adhan. But, there is a disadvantage in this Al Fajar digital clock; it lacks a charger which you will need to buy separately.

Such clocks are very suitable for homes and mosques, as the digital clock helps to see the time in big numbers. Anyone from far can easily read the time and thus, can manage their namaz on time. 

Product Features

  • Al fajr azan clock
  • AlFajr Big Azan Digital Clock Jumbo large wall size 15" x 7" x 1", 37 x 27 x 3 cm
  • A high quality digital Azan sound for all prayers (including complete Fajr azan).
  • Adhan times are calculated accurately for all cities around the world.
  • Wall mounted and a stand for sitting on the table,DC 6 Volts external input
  • Gregorian or Hijri calendar can be displayed.
  • Temperature display